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[Night Head Genesis] Bora Bora

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[Night Head Genesis] Bora Bora

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Title: Bora Bora (Naoya to Naoto)
Author/Artist: Sururu
Night Head Genesis
Kirihara Naoya (& Kirihara Naoto)
Rating: NC-17
Warning: PWP, YAOI, Solo-M (Masturbation).
Do not own Night Head Genesis! ToT
Summary/Notes: Naoya thinks about his brother, Naoto, when he's left alone in their hotel room. The title is the name of a non-alcoholic cocktail made from Ice cubes, Lime juice, Grenadine, Pineapple juice and Ginger ale.

“Niisan...” Naoya was sitting on his bed at the hotel, knees pulled to his chest and arms wrapped about them as his cheek rested against his hands. He was gazing out of the partially open window with slightly lidded eyes, watching the curtains fluttering in the breeze and the pale roses in the vase on the table shifting as if to sigh, though in reality it was just the wind.

He didn't know where his brother Naoto had gone, only that he said he had something he had to take care of. He had heard that woman, Kurahashi, speaking quietly outside the door to her brother after he had left, then footsteps which faded quickly and the pair were gone. To where Naoya didn't know but he had a bad feeling in his gut. Not the kind of feeling when something horrible was going to happen to a person or to mankind, but the kind of feeling that was on par with loneliness and betrayal.

Did Kurahashi-san like his brother? Even though he hadn't been able to make out the words being said he had gotten that impression from her for a while now, and the roses... She had given them to Naoto only, not to both of them. Not that he was jealous of her liking his brother instead of him, more like... was he jealous that his brother might like her in return? Would that mean that eventually Naoto was going to forget about him, or at least leave him?

“Niisan...” He whispered again, fingers tightening into fists against his knees. He knew that his adoration for his brother went beyond something innocent, though it wasn't particularly obsessive it was impure and he knew it even though he had been away from society for 15 years of his life he still knew that the kind of love he felt for his older brother wasn't normal, nor was it acceptable.

But he couldn't help it.

Naoya let his eyes lid more until eventually they were closed. What was Naoto doing with that woman right now...? It would only be natural for him to gain an attraction to her after so long of not having any potential love interests, he was only human after all and Naoya knew his brother was anything but innocent. Well...of course he knew they had no real experience but both of them had had their fare share of education in the matter and nights when their hormones had gotten the best of them, and although it wasn't something they did in-front of each other he knew both of them used to masturbate quite frequently. So his brother, if offered the chance would have every right to indulge in sex, or other such things.

Naoya wondered what his brother might look like in such an instance. Would he be leaning over her and kissing her softly as his hands wandered lightly over her body, or would he be rougher, unable to hold his desires in check? What would it... what would it be like to be the one beneath his brother instead of that woman?

Naoya felt his face heat slightly, turning it to bury against his knees even though there was no-one there to have to hide his embarrassment from.

He could imagine what Naoto would look like, after all he had a great imagination and the ability to put it to good use when he wanted to. Naoya flopped back against the wall and leaned his head back, face toward the ceiling as he let his hands drop to his sides and his knees fall apart slightly.

“Naoto niisan....” He breathed out softly, his eyes still closed and his cheeks still pink as he slowly lifted one of his hands to press over his denim clad crotch. Naoya let out a hitched breath as his palm pressed down against his semi-hardness, letting his hips lift lightly from the bed into the pressure and back down again, his eyes opening slightly.

He could imagine it, his brother pressing him down into the mattress and pressing their naked bodies flush to each other, what it would feel like and the look in Naoto's eyes as they began to grind against one another slowly. “...Nh.” His hand slowly started to move against his now erection the free hand reaching across to the small table beside the bed, pulling the box of tissues to lay next to his thigh for when he would need them. After all it would be bad to make a mess of his clothes and have to embarrassedly explain it to his brother when he got back.

After he was done with that task Naoya could let himself submerge completely into his fantasy, undoing his jeans and slipping them down off of his hips along with his underwear, freeing himself of the stuffy confines against his cock. He dipped his head, looking blearily down at himself as he wrapped his right hand around his erection and let the other slide up and underneath his t-shirt, lifting it as he lightly scraped his nails along his rib-cage and chest.

His breathing increased as his hands moved, licking his lips as they became dry and letting his eyes flutter closed again as he imagined his brothers hands upon him instead of his own, touching him, setting him aflame. “Nh niii-..san!” His hips jerked into his hand and his brows drew downward at the sensation, his fist tightening as it moved around his arousal more quickly, tightly.

He pulled his left hand away from his chest and pulled it up to his lips, licking his fingers and coating them in thick saliva before dropping them to the throbbing tip of his cock and smearing the saliva and collected pre-cum over it, causing him to let out a suppressed sounding moan at the sensation.

It felt good, his body was so hot he felt light headed and was quivering all over, tensed and needy for release. While squeezing the base of his cock hard with one hand he rolled the palm of the other over the tip, teasing the underside where the shaft met the crown with a finger, dragging it upward and over the seeping slit in the end with a gasp, his head tipping back to hit the wall with a dull thud as his hips again bucked and his legs dropped open further, jeans being pushed below his knees from the action. “Uhh...” His usually soft voice was crackling with arousal, thick with need and deep from lust.

He stopped teasing the tip then, tightly wrapping both hands around himself and moving them up and down in jerky motions, not caring that there was no rhythm to them because he just wanted... no, needed release.

With breaths coming quickly but deeply and groans splitting from his lips with every upward jerk of his hands he couldn't hope to stop now even if he wanted to, there was no going back once he reached this point, the images in his mind spurring him on. So hot and sexy, his brother was so sexy! Even that word wasn't enough to describe how great his brother was to him.

By now his cock was leaking heavily and he felt as if the pressure inside of him was so great that it was stopping him from breathing, his face flush and his skin covered in a light sheen of perspiration. He removed one of his hands from the task as he felt his lower body tighten more, fumbling to the side of him for the box of tissues and pulling out a handful as his hips started to jerk and thrust into the circle of his fist more frantically.

Naoya all but shoved the handful of tissue over the end of his erection as he gasped and moaned out loudly, his stomach muscles twitching under his skin and his cock doing much the same as he came into the bundle of tissue in his hand. His back was arching, making his hips lift from the bed as his body jerked all over, mouth hanging open and eyes shut tight against the blinding and white hot feeling of his orgasm. Then he sagged and let his head fall to the side, bangs sticking to his heated forehead from the perspiration and his chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath, nothing but the sound of his rapid heart beats sounding in his ears.

“Mnh... Naoto...” He almost purred, though as usual the state of pre-orgasmic bliss didn't last long before guilt started to creep into his consciousness, making him open his eyes and sigh as he sat up. Naoya wiped any remaining cum from his now limp member before tossing the bundle of tissue in the bin and pulling his pants up.

He turned and let his legs dangle off of the side of the bed as he leaned over and put his face in his hands. He'd done it again, such a thing while thinking of his brother. “I'm terrible...” He whispered.

It wasn't long after that that Naoto walked in through the door to their shared hotel room.

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