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Strawberry Topping

Moral Vitiate


Strawberry Topping

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Title: Strawberry Topping.
Author/Artist: sururu
Beta: yoru_chan
Pairing/Characters: Renji Abarai / Kurosaki Ichigo
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Yaoi, PWP, Public Sex.
Disclaimer: Do not own Bleach! ToT
Summary/Notes: SORRY! Renji might seem OOC T_T ; Renji and Ichigo get a detention for fighting while in class. While there Renji looses his cool,
much to his shock, and the resulting struggle is unlike any the two males
have ever partaken in before.

"This is entirely your fault."

Renji sat at the desk with his arms folded across his chest and a deep
scowl causing his eyebrows to scrunch together. He was leaning back on
the two rear legs of his chair, feet propped on the desk and crossed at
the ankle.

"What the
hell!? How's it my fault if you're the one who grabbed me!" - Ichigo
gave an indignant grunt and slapped his hands onto his own desk, which
was situated next to the red-heads. He was standing up, unlike the
reclining man beside him and his white shirt was hanging un-done to reveal a
tight fitting black t-shirt underneath.

Renji let his eyes wander to the side and glide along what he could see
of the strawberries toned torso through the tight folds of fabric
covering his form. That is, until he noticed that he was doing it and when
he did the red-head promptly turned his gaze toward the ceiling with a
huff to cover his sudden flash of arousal and curiosity.

Ichigo was oblivious to this though, instead dropping into his seat
with a grunt. Why the hell did they have a substitute teacher today
anyway? How could that insanely perky
woman that usually taught them be sick!? This is ridiculous!! He
folded his arms over his chest with a grunt before dipping his head to
glare at his desk in the classic Ichigo way.

Renji looked at Ichigo again, gaze lingering on the lips that were
pouted in a frown, as was the case so often with the strawberry. He felt
restless in his chair all of a sudden when a sliver of pink peaked out to
moisten the teen's dry lips and without really thinking Renji was
standing with his hands spread wide across the top of the orange-haired
youth's desk.

Ichigo blinked and looked up at Renji still glaring, still pouting

"What the hell's your problem now!? " - he spoke with his voice
raised, making the empty room seem filled for a moment before it was silent
again and only the ticking of the clock could be heard. Ichigo didn't
break the eye contact, didn't soften the scowl, didn't even register that
Renji was no longer just standing in front of him motionless.

The red-head acted without thinking then, crushing their mouths
together with a hot growl and gripping the back of Ichigo's head with one
hand, while the other bundled in the shirt at the other male's shoulder.
Ichigo was, to say the least, stunned into submission as he felt a tongue
probing his lips, to which he gasped and let it enter without much
resistance. This was short lived however as he realized what he was
actually doing and started to shove Renji away from him, his cheeks hot and
burning with a deep seated flush.

"R-Renji! What the hell!? "- he burst out after taking a considerably
deep breath, which had shuddered with the rest of his body. He had...
liked it.

" I dunno!" - was Renji's reply, his face red and his brows drawn
together in a flustered sort of expression, his hand still at the back of
Ichigo's head and the other slipping down to grab the neck of the teens
shirt, yanking him close and out of his seat so they were standing
chest to chest. "I dunno. " - he repeated the words again, this time
calmer, more quietly, his breath washing over Ichigo's face and making the
teen shiver again.

Ichigo let his eyes lid at the sensation, he wasn't as disgusted as he
thought he should be by the fact that Renji had just had his tongue in
his mouth; the thought of it being a man didn't even occur to the teen.
Ichigo yanked on Renji's shirt boldly pulling the other male down to
eye level. "Do it again." - he rasped, unsure of why he was asking...
No, demanding that the red-head repeat his previous action, letting him
know that he had liked it, his body especially.

Their positioning, against his desk, in his classroom in school, didn't
even register in either males mind as Renji leaned in again, this time
more slowly. "Don't think you can tell me what to do, Ichigo." But he
still ended up kissing the teen again, forcing his tongue into
Ichigo's mouth and tasting him, actually taking the time to explore and feel
this time as opposed to just forcing his way in blindly.

Ichigo responded right away. Even though he was inexperienced, even if
this was only his second kiss he wasn't the kind to let something like
inexperience ruin the situation. The teen let out a low, quiet groan as
Renji explored, though after a moment of letting himself be dominated
Ichigo took the initiative and pushed his tongue inside of Renji's
mouth, mimicking what the other man had done to him.

The red-head moved his hands down to grab Ichigo by the hips, fingers
curling around the curve of the bones he found there tightly as he
yanked the younger shinigami's form flush against him, causing a startled
moan from Ichigo and making him break the kiss to stare with wide eyes at
the unexpected action from Renji.

"Heh." - was the only reply Renji made in reaction to the startled
look Ichigo was sending his way, and the orange-haired teen let his eyes
drop to where their bodies were pressed together, the uniforms rumpled
and slightly creased, Ichigo's t-shirt was lifted to expose a strip of
skin at his mid-section to one side where the red-head's hand had come
to rest and had started to wander as the kiss had continued, though only
by mere inches.

Ichigo shifted on his feet, though didn't move away from the other male
at all, his gaze continuing to be pointed toward the floor as opposed
toward the red-head's face. Renji started to feel slightly
uncomfortable at Ichigo's lack of action, especially after the teen had been so
demanding not long ago, and so he coughed slightly under his breath,
causing said youth to snap his gaze back to the tattooed man's face.

"Renji" - the orange-haired shinigami whispered. "Does this put us
somewhere? I dunno if I can handle an open relationship with you." The
younger man sounded almost miserable. Though inside he was muttering 'or a
relationship at all', but he put that down to the fact that nothing
like this had ever been an issue in his life before.

Renji was quiet for a long moment over that, looking Ichigo over almost
skeptically before sighing and leaning back to sit on the desk, legs
hanging off the side but feet still pressed against the floor since he
was so tall. He kept forgetting that Ichigo was so young because he
didn't seem like it when he was battling hollows or other enemies, he
always seemed so sure about himself so this change in personality, or rather
this side of his personality, was a bit perplexing.

The red-head decided to play it off with his usual cockiness; something
he hoped would put Ichigo at ease as well as make the whole situation
less tense. "Yeah."- He all but purred the words, slow and deep. "It
puts you right 'ere." Renji's hands moved from where they had been on
the carrot-top's body, sliding them around to grip at Ichigo's firm rear
end before dropping to the backs of his thighs and pulling.

Ichigo grunted at the action, stumbling forward and thus clinging to
the red-head's shoulders tightly as he was yanked into a straddling
position across Renji's lap. To balance himself Ichigo had no choice but to
press his knees against the desk either side of Renji's hips and he
leaned heavily on the other man's chest, looking at him with a lifted
eyebrow, though his lips were slightly parted and his breathing heavy.
However it was unclear as to why... Excitement shall it be.

Renji's lips twitched into a smug smile as his hands moved back to cup
the younger shinigami's ass, squeezing tightly and leaning down to
press light kisses on the side of Ichigo's neck, what caused the younger of
the two to let out a shuddered gasp and tilt his head to get more of
that wonderful feeling.

Renji nipped and kissed and sucked the soft skin, all the while groping
and kneading the boy's ass, pressing their groins together as both
became more than a little aroused. Well, if the heated bulges in their
uniform pants were anything to go by, or the hitched breathing and slow
bucking of hips coming from the orange-head.

Ichigo pulled away from the lips on his neck, turning his head to set a
half-lidded gaze upon the red-head. "Renji I..." He stared but was
cut off by lips upon his again, groaning quietly and yielding to the
red-head's advances as hands slipped forward and against the zipper of his
pants and against something else entirely, making Ichigo gasp, though
Renji wouldn't let him break the kiss, one of the hands coming up to
cup the back of the teens head and press their mouths closer.

Ichigo soon found that his pants had been completely undone and his
erection was now in full view, well it would be if they weren't pressed so
damn tightly against one another, the hot flesh poking out through the
hole in the front of his boxers though his modesty was the last thing
on his mind as the hand that had been working on his pants moved to
grasp Ichigo's throbbing cock.

"Mnf! " Again Renji didn't let the younger boy break the kiss and
instead swallowed the sound of surprise and the following moan as he
wrapped his fingers around the steely length of the strawberry-blond teen,
slowly beginning to stroke as his tongue invaded and dominated Ichigo's

The younger of the two males couldn't help but prop himself up on his
knees more readily, gently nudging his hips toward and away from the
hand holding him, the movements slow because of how unstable he felt
propped on the desk like this. His back arched and he finally managed to
pull away from the kiss to gasp as Renji smeared his thumb over the
lightly weeping slit at the tip of Ichigo's cock.

Renji kissed along Ichigo's jaw as the teen started to thrust into his
hand, if a bit awkwardly from their positions, feeling his own cock
straining against his slacks and all but begging to be let out. He grunted
slightly and pulled his hand away from the tantalizing task of teasing
Ichigo's erection making an almost whine of protest pass the teens
lips before he caught it and instead sent a pouty glare in the red-head's

"Hey dun be like that princess." Renji grinned, Ichigo scoffed at the

"We should-" He started but again Renji didn't let him finish, this
time though it was because Ichigo could feel his pants being yanked down
and his ass exposed for the world to see, well not the world but anyone
who might walk into the classroom, even though he was sure that by now
everyone aside from the janitor had gone home.

Renji, while using his left hand to hold Ichigo close to him, palm flat
and fingers spread between the younger males shoulder blades, licked
the length of the middle finger on his right hand, lidding his eyes and
looking Ichigo directly in the face as he made sure the digit was
completely coated in the thick saliva.

Ichigo watched quietly, breath caught in his throat and unable to utter
any sound as he watched Renji licking and sucking on his own finger,
and the lusty look he was
sending directly at him. It made the teen shiver and groan inwardly
when the finger disappeared from between the red-head's lips and then out
of Ichigo's perpetual vision.

"It kinda...not only puts you there." Renji rasped. "But it also
puts me right...here... " He drawled and trailed off as his finger came
into contact with and then pressed between Ichigo's ass cheeks, smearing
the saliva across the tight ring of muscle his finger came into contact

"Renji!" Ichigo spluttered the name as he felt the touch, obviously
not expecting anything of the sort and if anything a bit weirded out by
it since he previously hadn't even thought about doing it with another
man. However when Renji didn't stop at just touching it Ichigo tensed
up, gritting his teeth and glaring hotly at the red-head as he felt the
tip of the digit
wiggle it's way inside of his body. "Stop would ya!?"

However Renji didn't stop, and didn't take note of the glare. "You'll
like it, trust me." He watched the younger shinigami's face for
expressions and then smirked. "Ya look good glaring at me like that, all hot
and flushed."

Ichigo dug his fingers into Renji's shoulders, staring him in the face
before turning his head to look at the door with paranoia in his eyes,
opening his mouth to say something but Renji picked that moment to
shove his finger all the way inside making the teen gasp instead and slam
his head down against one of the red-head's broad shoulders. " Fu-ck."
He gasped again, not sure what the hell he had just felt, whether it
had been painful, or pleasurable or just plain gross, however, being
Ichigo he decided to find out. "Do it again..." He murmured against the
other man's neck, eyes already almost fully closed.

With his heart pounding in his chest and his cock throbbing along with
it Renji heeded Ichigo's command and pulled his finger out almost
completely, pressing his cheek against the top of the younger male's head as
he once again shoved it in up to the last knuckle, not bothering to go
slow, knowing that it would just drive them both crazy if he did,
knowing that Ichigo could take that and more before he was even close to

His face was flushed as Renji slammed his finger into him again, it
wasn't big enough to be painful but it was uncomfortable, the sensation
made him squirm along with the semi-dryness of the action now that the
saliva had almost completely gone. "Renji." He growled.

The red-head smirked again. "Heh, dun' tell me you can't take it,
princess."- he taunted, even during sex it seemed the two men couldn't stop
the banter.

Seeing this as more of a challenge Ichigo huffed and tightened his arms
around Renji's neck. "You wish. I can take anything you dish out."
He was breathless but of course that wouldn't stop him from retorting,
lifting his hips slightly to pull the finger from him, only to press
them back onto the digit when it had almost completely left his body,
making him moan as his cock rubbed against the front of Renji's shirt clad
stomach as he moved. Now that had felt good, he knew that for sure this

Renji was surprised by Ichigo's actions, though he probably shouldn't
have been. Shaking his head slightly and finally deciding he was far too
turned on to give a shit about where they were or how he should have
self-control, he pulled his finger out and shoved three of them into his
mouth at once, making sure to practically spit into his palm to get
enough saliva. Then without so much as a grunt of warning he shoved two
fingers into Ichigo, and this time the teen gasped because it was
painful. Not blindingly painful or unbearably painful, but a pain where it
burned more than stung and made him squirm, wanting nothing more than to
push the intrusion out from his body.

Ichigo's back straightened and he bit down on Renji's shoulder as the
fingers didn't stop just inside like the first time but continued in
until they were fully seated inside of him. "Bast...ard...!"- He hissed
after finally releasing the red-head's shoulder from the death-grip his
teeth had had on it. He was heaving for breath now, unable to catch it
both because of the fact he was turned on and the fact he was in pain.

Renji's free hand was pressed flat against Ichigo's shoulders still,
and surprisingly had started to stroke in soothing, circular motions
trying to relax the younger teen though Ichigo was adamant he wasn't going
to whimper or whine about this. "I want you real bad so... I don't
think I can be all lovey-dovey with you right now." He admitted.

Ichigo blinked his eyes open, trying to focus even as the fingers
started to move inside of his body, twisting and bending and scissoring him
into a relaxed state. "Who said...I wanted you to be...lovey-dovey?" -
He asked almost incredulously.

Renji smirked, knowing he should have expected such from the
carrot-topped teen. "Yeah..." And that was the last coherent words Renji would
speak for a long time, because already he was pressing the third finger
against that tight ring of muscle and Ichigo was squirming in his lap
again and his pants were too fucking tight!

As if sensing Renji's discomfort Ichigo slipped his hands down between
them and started to fumble with the red-head's pants, trying to take
his mind off of the sting of entry from the fingers thrusting into him
and stretching him with burning precision. Finally he succeeded, after a
long moment of gasping and bucking against the digits inside of his
body, his hands shaking as he pulled Renji free of his slacks and flushed
because even though he had his head against the red-head's shoulders
and thus wasn't looking down, he could feel that the other mans cock was,
for lack of a better word, fuckin' huge.

Renji faltered in his actions when his cock and Ichigo's hand made
contact for the first time, his hips jerking because he had been left
untouched for so long, the sensation buzzing up and down his spine and
making his entire being throb with heat. "Unh, Ichigo." - He groaned,
tipping his head back and closing his eyes, slipping his fingers from the now
relaxed soft ring. The red-head pulled his palm up to his mouth and
spat into it, a rather un-sexy action unless you were in the current
situation these two men were in, both finding that it sent shivers of
anticipation through them.

... Panting, Ichigo looked down between them as Renji slicked his cock.
He then let the other man grasp his ass cheeks, pulling them apart and
yanking the strawberry-blond teen into place above him, Ichigo looking
down at Renji's face with apprehension. He didn't try to speak and
neither did Renji, they just looked at each other, eyes lidded, lips
parted and chests heaving with the pants for air they had both become
accustomed to in the past twenty minutes.

Then there was movement again and Ichigo was harshly pulled down onto
the other mans throbbing organ, making the younger of the two choke on a
breath and scrunch his eyes shut, shivering and gripping Renji as
tightly as his hands would allow before finally attempting to take another
breath when he was fully seated in the others lap.

Renji didn't say anything, he was too caught up in how hot and tight
Ichigo was around him. Though he did feel guilty at how suddenly he had
entered he knew that in the long run it was better to just shove it in
quickly than prolong Ichigo's pain by trying to go slow. Panting
heavily, Renji let his eyes close, as he squeezed the teen's ass between his
hands, kneading the skin there while waiting for Ichigo to adjust.

"Move...fuck...Renji...Move damnit!" It was another demand, it seemed
even though he was the one being fucked Ichigo wasn't going to let Renji
have all the control, and that was just fine with the red-head.

Renji used his grip on the other males rear to pull him up and almost
completely off of his cock, leaving just the swollen tip inside of the
tight passage before letting his arms slacken and making use of Ichigo's
weight and gravity to bring the orange haired youth back down onto his
cock completely with a heated slapping of skin and gasped groans from
both of them.

That was better; it hurt less when Renji was moving, when he had
something to concentrate on other than the pain ripping him in two from the
inside out. Slipping his arms more securely around Renji's torso Ichigo
helped pull himself up the second time, and forced himself harshly down
onto Renji with a gritted moan brows drawing nearer together as he
felt a spark of pleasure in response to the pain, needless to say he would
think more on that later because right now all he wanted to do was get

Renji pressed his face against the curve of Ichigo's neck and groaned
thickly and deeply out into the classroom, the desk legs were scraping
along the floor where their movements were forcing them and the desk
backward along the floor, not that either of them cared.

They sped up after a short while, grunting and moaning and panting as
their bodies pulled away from and then crashed toward each other in
tandem, the slick sound of flesh against flesh and the lewd sounds that
always accompanied sex and the bodily fluids involved making them groan
even louder.

Ichigo had taken to running his nails up and along Renji's spine as
they moved, scraping long angry lines in their wake as Renji's own nails
were deeply embedded into Ichigo's hip bones to force the rhythm to go
faster. Renji had never felt so good, Ichigo was so hot and passionate
and rough, even though it was his first time, and even now he knew that
he was hooked and would never be able to let this creature go.

Ichigo was shaking now, legs aching and ass sore from the harsh, steady
thrusting he had been forcing his body into, and he loved it. Renji
was thick and hot inside of him, fiery and raw and it was driving him
crazy just on the edge but not quite over it yet. "Uhhh Renji- I wanna...
fuck I wanna cum so bad." His voice cracked with desperation and Renji
couldn't help but take pity, he was close to his limit too.

The red-head wrapped one of his hands around Ichigo's cock and as a
result the teen let out a startled cry and shoved himself harshly down
onto the older man's cock, impaling himself deeper than previously. It was
then that something was struck within him and he choked on a breath,
eyes opening wide and lips working but no sound coming out. One more
jerk of their hips and Ichigo was done for, his face pressing tightly
against the apex of Renji's neck and shoulder as he groaned out loudly, the
sound echoing off of the classroom walls and his cum splashing in hot
gushes over Renji's shirt joining their sweat in soaking it.

Renji was, to say the least, incredibly turned on but when Ichigo came
that was just the icing on the cake. The sounds he made and the way his
body moved, shuddered, jerked and tightened all around him made him
double his own efforts to come as he leaned back slightly and started to
thrust harder, the desk protesting with creaks and cracks though those
were drowned out by the sound of skin slapping against skin and heavy
breathing which to the two males seemed deafening. It didn't take long
for him to follow Ichigo, tensing his body and thrusting twice more in
jerky succession as he came inside of the shorter shinigami.

Ichigo felt it when Renji came inside of him, it was hot and it burned
his numb insides, bringing them back to life and making him all too
aware of the pleasant but painful throb in his backside. "Renji..."- He
gasped after a long moment of them getting their breathing and heart
rates under control. "That was..." He trailed off not wanting to sound
cliché, though he gave an uncomfortable wiggle before pulling himself up
and off of the red-head's now limp member.

Renji grabbed Ichigo as the teen wobbled and almost fell off backwards,
shaking his head but not making a cock retort because he was too
sated. "Careful...lemme pull your pants up."- He mumbled, sounding groggy
but utterly satisfied.

Ichigo just complied, feeling more like a rag doll than Kon could ever
hope to right at this moment. His hands lazily clutching Renji's
shoulders as he was tucked away into his boxers and his slacks were pulled
back up and zipped up. It was only then did he slide off backwards and
onto his feet, where he wobbled and had to press a hand to the desk
behind him to stay standing, his legs felt like jelly and his feet were

"You..."- Ichigo looked up at Renji and then shook his head, a
satisfied smile playing his lips. "Next time we should wait till school's
out."- He finished.

Renji gave a grin and shrugged his shoulders. "Ain't no-one here to see
it. He stood, his own legs feeling slightly weak but it didn't show in
his posture. I kinda liked it. You got all foxy-like."- He smirked as
Ichigo's cheeks flamed and the teen shoved the red-head away.

"Shut the hell up. I'm goin' home!"- He picked up his bag and started
on his way to the door, though he paused and looked at his feet for a
long time. It only took that long for Renji to get his own bag and walk
toward the door, Ichigo looked up at him with a genuinely vulnerable
look on his face, which caught Renji off guard. "Renji...will you-"

The red-head cut the teen off by placing a hand on his head and forcing
them to walk out of the classroom and down the hall toward home. "Dun
worry, I'll be here for ya... any time you need me."
  • w00t for PWP's : D It was an awsome fic!
  • Oh. My.

    Goodness me. It's always hard to find good Renji/Ichigo, and boy is that pairing hot. Thank you for this, you really this world a better place with fics like these.
  • ~nya ^_________________^ I re-read it. even twice. I like our work ^_________________________________^
  • Loved it. Really did. ^^ RenIchi is my fave pairing. They just fit together so nicely.
    ...I got a sudden urge to write smtn. Something with a lot of strawberries. And one of them bottoming.
  • dear god i love uke!ichigo
    it's nice tht it's not just some random fucking =D
    they like each other yayyy
  • Wow!

    Wow, I loved this, so hot!
    But, in the end isn't Renji walking out of the classromm with Ichigo's cum still all over his shirt?
    • Re: Wow!

      LOL! Yeah, he would be. Hope they don't pass anyone heading home! XD
  • Love this one too~
  • Oh, this was so very hot! I'd love to see if you've done more fics on RenIchi!
  • How did you manage to make this both HAWT and SWEET? Love the worried Ichi and sweet Renji letting him know he's there for him.
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