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♠ [ Lucid Psychosis ] ♠

[Night Head Genesis] Blue Arrow

Moral Vitiate


[Night Head Genesis] Blue Arrow

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Title: Blue Arrow (Naoto to Naoya)
Author/Artist: Sururu
Series: Night Head Genesis
Pairing/Characters: Kirihara Naoto (& Kirihara Naoya)
Rating: NC-17
Warning: PWP, YAOI, Solo-M (Masturbation).
Disclaimer: Do not own Night Head Genesis! ToT
Summary/Notes: Naoto thinks about Naoya when he's getting off in the shower. A 'reply fic' to Bora Bora. The title of this fiction is the name of a Strong Alcoholic Cocktail made from: Smashed ice, Gin, Cointreau or Triple Sec, Blue Curacao & Lime juice.

Naoto had gone with the woman when she had asked him. Down the hall and to the room that she had payed for to remain safe and close to the brothers, but mainly Naoto, in case someone was to try and kill her again.

He sat on the chair beside the window despite the fact that she had tried to make him sit on the bed beside her. They had talked for a while before eventually she sighed and stood, placing her hands on his shoulders and looking at him, pleading with him to become her lover because if she gave up her work there would be nothing. Saying that she needed a man who was strong and could protect her. Of course he declined and not long after she had let him leave.

Naoto stood in the hallway for a long moment after that, staring down at his feet as his hands were shoved deep into his pockets. Why had he turned her down? Well, actually he didn't really need to ask that, because the dream he had had the night before was something still fresh in his mind. She would take him away from Naoya, and Naoya needed him...but more importantly, he needed Naoya.

That's right, even though he was considered the 'stronger' of the two Naoto needed his brother possibly more than Naoya needed him. Naoya was his mental support, the one who had saved him so many times from going insane or getting so angry that he used his powers to kill someone or at least do them some serious bodily harm when they didn't particularly deserve it.

He had been gone far longer than he intended, pushing on for nearly 15 minutes now in-fact and so he felt a little guilty for leaving his brother alone for so long without even specifically telling him where he was going or why.

Naoto walked back down the hallway toward their room, reaching out to grasp the handle of the door, when he got there though he paused hearing first faint sounds of what could only be pleasure followed by the words 'I'm terrible.'...? What was that all about? Frowning but slightly aroused by the previous noises his brother had been making Naoto turned the handle and walked into the room, closing the door behind him as his eyes fell to rest upon the slouched form of his brother.

Naoya sat upright when his brother came in and turned to look in his direction though he didn't say anything he gave Naoto a weak smile of welcome.

Naoto wanted to frown at his brothers behavior but didn't, instead walking over to sit in the bed next to him, placing a hand on his shoulder though he glanced away and out of the window, seeing how Naoya was still flushed and covered in perspiration. It was obvious to Naoto what he had been doing and the older of the two couldn't help but feel it affecting him, the thoughts along with the memories of those quiet moans he had heard just moments before he let himself into the room.

Naoya blinked and looked toward his brother and then smiled again, lifting his own hand to place it atop of Naoto's as he spoke. “I'm ok niisan.” The he paused and looked down at his pillows. “I'm just tired, so I think I'll go to bed.” He lifted Naoto's hand from his shoulder before standing to take off his jacket.

Naoto watched his brother and nodded. “Alright, Naoya. I'm going to take a shower then.” And he stood, letting his brother finish getting ready for bed as he entered the small bathroom and locked himself in with a hushed sigh.

His clothes felt heavy and hot against his skin although the only part of him which was notably aroused was his mind at this point, though that fact would soon change no doubt. Naoto slipped off his jacket and then his shirt, placing them on the closed lid of the toilet before stepping over to the double shower cubicle and leaning in to turn on the water, letting the stream of liquid warm as he finished undressing. Naoto only stepped into the stall and closed the frosted glass doors when the room had started to fill with steam.

The water was hot, almost too much so, against his skin and Naoto let his head fall back as the droplets belted against his chest, leaving shimmering trickles of moisture in their wake. Naoto pressed his hands flat against the tiled wall in-front of him and pulled his head forward again tipping it so the hot spray was hitting the back of his neck and the waster was running down and over his facial features, forcing his eyes to close.

Naoya had sounded so cute making those sounds, it wasn't like Naoto hadn't heard them before mind you, but today especially Naoya had sounded wonderful... Even if it had ended with what could only be described as a self derogatory comment.

Naoto turned his head to the side, squinting open an eye to locate the shower gel on the shelf inside of the shower and leaning over to grasp the bottle, flipping the cap open he poured a liberal amount of the bright blue gel into his hand and stepped back out of the spray of water. Naoto rubbed his hands together then, coating them both in the slippery substance and watching as drips of lather and bubbles fell to the floor and were washed away.

The older of the two brothers then started to wash himself starting with the chest and neck, leaning his head back as his sore muscles began to relax under the heat of the water and the pressure of his touches. Slowly his hands migrated down his body and eventually came into contact with his groin. It started out innocently enough, but before long he was recalling the quiet sounds Naoya had been making and that was all it took (with the addition of the touching) to get him fully aroused.

The fact that his hand and now his cock was coated in the thick slippery soap suds just intensified the feeling of his palm sliding over the taught flesh. Ah well, what was the point in stopping now anyway? Naoto had long ago resigned to the fact that he was sexually attracted to his brother and unlike the younger of the two held no guilt over pleasuring himself over it, though he would never actually act on his attraction toward Naoya.

Naoto washed his free hand off under the water before wiping his hair back and out of his face, looking down the length of his body and to where his fingers were loosely wrapped around his erection, pumping slowly and languidly. With lidded eyes he stroked himself slowly watching the point where the tip of his cock would disappear into his fist before emerging again, bubbles dripping down along his knuckles and legs.

He didn't make any sound though, aside from the slightly raspy breaths which were slowly increasing in speed. Imagining what it would feel like to be inside of Naoya, either his mouth or some-where else, since Naoto knew full well what sex (especially between to men) was suppose to be like, and how it was suppose to happen. The thought of how hot and tight it would be just made him lick his lips and tighten his hold on his engorged organ.

Naoto pulled his hand up the length of his cock and stopped his motions, opting now to just squeeze the very tip and tease it, making his stomach muscles twitch and his breath hitch at the over stimulation that was consuming him after the teasing touched that he had been applying only moments ago. He slipped his other hand down to join the first now, cupping his balls as he once again started to pump his right fist along the entire length of his arousal with renewed passion.

Naoya was so cute, the way he blushed and the way he looked after masturbating, how his hair stuck to his skin which was shining with perspiration and the look in his eyes which was sated and guilty, even though Naoto knew his little brother wasn't aware of these facts himself.

A small sound escaped Naoto's mouth then, making him close his eyes as his soap lubricated fingers pushed and pulled at his cock in all the right ways, his hips rocking to thrust with quickening speed into his hands. His breathing was quick now, deep and labored with his activities and his brow drawn down with the concentration on the images in his head.

Naoto once again scraped his thumb across the head of his erection, pushing hotly into the slit there and smearing the moisture around the crown before resuming his thrusting and pumping, the actions becoming harder and faster, as if he couldn't hold himself back any longer from the amount of time he had stood there teasing himself with the slow, light caress he knew always drove him insane with need.

The fact that he was almost silent throughout could be misleading, one might think Naoto had self-control or experience. But that wasn't the case, Naoto was lost and impatient and couldn't control his desires even if he wanted to, especially not at at point this far down the line.

He leaned forward now back under the spray with one hand propping him against the wall while the other again tightened almost painfully around himself, and his hips started to jerk and thrust with more power and need, effectively fucking his hand with loud slaps of flesh which were only covered by the sound of the water hitting the tile floor.

Naoya! He mentally cried as he finally came, gasping inward deeply as his body lost all co-ordination and grace, reducing him to nothing but bucking and gasping as his cum shot out to hit the wall in thick streams, only to be washed away almost instantly by the water.

Panting he pressed his heated forehead against the wall and turned the water off, now clean and sated and although he would much rather stand here for the next five minutes basking in his after-glow he had to get out and dry off. He knew he had spent far too long in the bathroom and Naoya would probably be wondering what was going on, even if he had said he was going to sleep.

Naoto stepped out of the shower on shaky legs and toweled himself off, slipping on the white terry-cloth dressing gown that was hanging on the back of the door and draping a towel over his wet hair he bundled his clothes in one hand and exited the steaming bathroom, looking over to the supposedly sleeping form of his brother in the bed nearest the window.

However Naoya wasn't asleep, he had been laying awake thinking the whole time but right now he couldn't think, his mind was a jumble and underneath his covers his face was red. He head heard the mental cry of his name coming from his brother in a voice that could only be explained as orgasmic...

  • OMG.. that was hot... uhm.. will there be a sequel? I love it! :D
    • Hmm I'm not sure yet. I was thinking about making a sequel where the brothers actually get it on. ;D But yeah, only thinking about it right now.
      • can you continue? As in I really wanna see a fic with them actually doin iT! Oh and I love ur Bleach fic. I'm a fan of uke-Ichigo
  • Thumbs up

    Awww, I wanna see a sequel to. These two are such a sinfully good pair. And I love both your stories. ^^
  • Encore!

    I think anyone who reads this would agree; THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE! And I totally agree with everything that ichinonaru said.

    Great writings. I read the Bleach ones, too. Loved them!

    Thanks for sharing your fic. =]
  • "He didn't make any sound though, aside from the slightly raspy breaths which were slowly increasing in speed. Imagining what it would feel like to be inside of Naoya, either his mouth or some-where else, since Naoto knew full well what sex (especially between to men) was suppose to be like, and how it was suppose to happen. The thought of how hot and tight it would be just made him lick his lips and tighten his hold on his engorged organ." Favorite part!

    This is so wonderful! I concur, a sequel would be really nice. c:
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